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Evolution is a random and wasteful process that requires millions of ‘unfit’ organisms to die.Countless transitional forms would have arisen, only to fall as casualties in the great march ‘forward’.At the end of day 6 God pronounced his finished creation as ”very good”.If evolution were true, would Adam and Eve have been standing on a fossil graveyard of death and struggle over millions of years that God called ”very good”.Often, people challenge biblical creationists with comments along the lines of, “I believe God created, and I don’t believe in evolution, but He could have taken billions of years, so what’s the big deal about the age of the earth?” Some claim that an emphasis on ‘6 literal days, 6,000 years ago’ even keeps people away from the faith, so “Why be so dogmatic?

There are remains that have tooth marks in them, and even animals fossilized in the process of eating other animals.He believed that processes observed in the present must be used to explain the geological history of the earth.So, if we currently see rivers laying down sediment at an average rate of say 1 mm (4/100 of an inch) per year, then a layer of sedimentary rock such as sandstone which is 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) thick must have taken about a million years to form.There is evidence of disease, cancers, and infection; and general suffering from wounds, broken bones, etc.Biblically, we understand these things only began to happen .