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"Threat of harm generally involves a perception of injury...physical or mental damage..or instance of injury, or a material and detriment or loss to a person." "A terroristic threat is a crime generally involving a threat to commit violence communicated with the intent to terrorize other." "Intimidation" is the name of a criminal offense in several U. El gráfico expresa la evolución anual de la frecuencia de uso de la palabra «intimidating» en los últimos 500 años. Parnell has to admit in a passage I have already quoted to you at page 288, Vol.

In 2005, Professor Sue Fox from Queen Mary, University of London concluded that Cockney rhyming slang was dying out because children in London are greatly exposed to words and phrases from outside cultures.while claiming to not harbor any hatred towards those offended others.150,416 items / 1,155,398 views from wikipedia Kali (Sanskrit: ???? Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. Coburn notes that the name Kali can be used as a proper name, or as a description of color.[3] Kali’s association with blackness stands in contrast to her consort, Shiva, whose body is covered by the white ashes of the cremation ground (Sanskrit: smasana) in which he meditates, and with which Kali is also associated, as smasana-kali.She is the foremost among the Dasa Mahavidyas, ten fierce Tantric goddesses.[1] Kali is the feminine of kala ("black, dark coloured").[2] Kala primarily means "black," but also means "time." Kali means "the black one" and also "time" or "beyond time." Kali is strongly associated with Shiva, and Shaivas derive her feminine name from the masculine Kala (an epithet of Shiva). She most famously appears in the sixth century Devi Mahatmyam as one of the shaktis of Mahadevi, and defeats the demon Raktabija.The early Sanskrit dictionary, the Shabdakalpadrum, states: ???? The tenth century Kalika Purana venerates Kali as the ultimate reality or Brahman.