Insider internet dating program review

Digicraft combines David’s knowledge on startup advisory and business coaching with his extensive understanding of dating trends and industry analysis he has gained blogging for the last 15 years.

While the Internet was busy finding its way into everyone’s home in the ’90s, David was working at an agency in New York trying to take advantage of the new Internet thing.

“We are introduced to people on dating sites.” He also thinks sites could do more to weed out fake profiles and to keep its users safe by implementing widespread background checks and other security measures, actions which he described as remaining elusive.

“Let’s just say that the dating industry has barely addressed the shortcomings that I was talking about a decade ago,” David said.

His blog, Online Dating Insider, is heralded as one of the top industry blogs for online dating, where he shares his insights about what works and what doesn’t for businesses big and small, old and new.

It was his long-running blog that bolstered his place in the dating world, so he started Digicraft, his consultancy brand, as a way to bring together all the things he was great at under one name.

While he is proud of the brand and voice he has built for himself with Online Dating Insider, David uses Digicraft to keep him inquisitive and hopeful about the future of dating.

“Virtual reality dating is going to be huge,” David muses.

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“Sites like The Grade are bringing analytics-lite to dating, which is important,” David said.

While more people than ever are trying online dating, the core issues ​surrounding the industry remain​ — which David suggests include less-than-successful matching systems and the stigma of finding your significant other online.

“We don’t date online,” states one of his posts for Online Dating Insider.

“My role was to demystify the impact of technology on marketing,” he said of working with the early adopters developing websites that would use e-commerce and online advertising.

From left: Sam Yagan, Co-Founder of Ok Cupid and Vice-Chairman of the Match Group, David Evans, voice of Online Dating Insider, and Markus Frind, Founder of Plenty of Fish, at an i Date conference circa 2009.