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OK if you are like me and you are tired of the all fakes videos and non english videos join me i want real content no fakes no pro junk either and it has to english and there has to be a title and tag line. NO CRAP OR ANY OTHER ONES LIKE THAT THEY WILL BE REMOVED AND SO WILL NON ENGLISH ONES UNLESS I LIKE THEM.

Just because we have kids to take care of,a husband that needs you, a house to run and a job to go 40 hours a week, doesn't mean we can't find time to fill our kinky desires. Do you find yourself thinking about things you shouldn't or should you???? If its marked by a website I WILL DELETE IT AND BAN YOU!

I do see your point, Rem, and I respect it as an adult who tires of unimaginative young teens who seek out cheesy hook-up stories for a good time. Just because one aspect doesn't rule the root of a story doesn't make it unnecessary. Yanno now that I think of it, obviously it was just awkward wording.

I know you don't mean to rule out things not driven by the plot.

I would like to start a discussion on how to approach your significant other to accept a sexual role as a family member. Confess I like to look at pics and vids of young girls, animal porn and incest. We recently had to move back home to help my dad take care of my disabled mother.

The odd thing with the incest is that i dont want to fuck my family members... I have noticed that My dad goes up to look at porn every night on the upstairs computer and I have been thinking alot about trying to get him to watch some incest stuff and seeing his reaction.

Best was when my GF fucks me or gives me a bj while looking at that type of pron. any thoughts on how to make sure he finds a Hot daddy/daughter one?

Deleting content will cause content on this and all subsequent pages to move closer to the front of the universe, creating a bizarre instance in the space-time continuum where previously-saved hyperlinks that others have used may no longer point at their correct destinations. Are you sure you want permanently delete Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). If you appreciate what they do, feel free to donate your spare change to help feed them on the weekends.

If you add media specify whether it is REAL-incest or ROLEPLAY-incest.

You greet this manly figure in your new satin nightdress and let him in.

You flirt a bit while he rummages through his toolbox. Then, when your repairman actually starts to 'repair' something, you lean over him, brushing past him with the narrowest of margins...

Real incest may not be all that apparent, but our members will cross these out if they are proven to be unrelated. The characters in the media must acknowledge one another as family. We will not tolerate fiction depicting children (17 or younger). Slander towards other members or negativity will not be tolerated. So type the story in Microsoft Word or some other word processor to make sure your spelling and punctuation is correct.

Any member flagrantly smashing another member will be removed without notice and their post deleted. You can make a more compelling story by adding small details that make it seem real.