Guide to dating a yoga goddess

It's still possible to lose yourself in the beauty of the emerald rice fields, see elegantly attired Balinese make their way to the temple, awake to the screech of the majestic crested serpent eagle or cleanse your soul by bathing in spring-fed pools or holy waters.

The real Bali is out there - literally just beyond the walls of the resort, the hotel, the villa - just begging to be explored.

Highlights include a visit to Bali's first Hindu temple and a trek to a 10th-century meditation temple hidden in a lush valley where ancient chambers are carved into moss-swathed rock. STAY IN AN ECO RETREAT SURROUNDED BY RICE FIELDSThe boutique Sanak Retreat Bali in North Bali offers teak bungalows and a three-bedroom villa surrounded by terraced rice fields.

It offers a paddy to plate restaurant, chemical-free day spa, bespoke experiences and strong community ethos – giving travellers the chance to experience the real Bali. LEARN FROM A GAMELAN MASTERTake a gamelan class with master musicians at Arma Museum in Ubud.

Sweet-eyed cows graze contentedly as the setting sun casts a golden glow over the centuries-old rice paddies.

By the side of the road, before a small temple, a Balinese man sprinkles holy water over his head, presses a flower between his fingertips and bows his head in prayer.

"Remember that [the word] 'ceremony' in Bali is often just a word that replaces party so the more the merrier."For those wanting to get more out of Bali, our list of experiences is designed to help travellers reconnect with the island's culture and experience, some of which made the destination so popular in the first place.Learn about the history, watch a demonstration and learn a short piece.You can even hire your own gamelan orchestra, at a reasonable rate, to perform for you at your villa or resort. DINE AT MOZAIC A pioneer of Bali's contemporary restaurant scene, this much lauded fine diner – considered one of Indonesia's finest and one of the best French restaurants outside France - offers degustation menus by talented chef Chris Salans in a romantic, garden setting beautifully lit by night. LUNCH IN THE MIDDLE OF A RICE FIELDTake a meandering walk and enjoy the bucolic Ubud scenery."I'm not sure they see what's going on around them and if they do, it's maybe through blurred vision."Many yoga devotees who flock to Bali's cultural capital, Ubud, choose not to engage with the locals but instead seek out other yogis and hang at the same cafes, bemoans De Neefe."I'm not sure they even try Balinese food; a tragedy.

Guide to dating a yoga goddess