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It is a matter of interest that the County of Gloucester had never adopted an official Seal or Flag in its 274 years of existence until the Board of Freeholders in 1960 - aware of the lack of these official emblems - sponsored a contest among the school children of the County for the purpose of developing an interest in the history of the County and to obtain the children's ideas of an appropriate design for both the Seal and flag.

After the winning designs had been established by a special committee of the Gloucester County Historical Society, this committee pursued the subject further, and after frequent conferences with authorities on heraldry, consultation with expert designers and guidance and advice from officials of Gloucestershire, England, from which area this county took its name, a design for both the official County Seal and County Flag was submitted to the Board of Freeholders for their consideration.

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We fund small projects on our own - but one of our most important roles is to generate the match-funding to enable Gloucestershire Archives to apply for grants from national funding bodies such as for the Gloucester Rugby Heritage Project.

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The County being lesser than the State justifies the arrangement of the helmet in profile and in silver.

Beneath the helmet and in the triangle is a red cross. George Cross and is one of the principle symbols in the coat of arms of the Duke of Gloucester - that section of England from which our County took its name.