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Tucking the phone under my chin I set my laptop on the coffee table as I ask him about his long range plans for himself.s peaches and crme complexion blended well with her dark brown hair that was highlighted with streaks of burnished gold.

Her facial structure held a slight Hispanic cast to it and the black lace camisole she wore along with her cut offs only enhanced her lush figure. Her bedroom from what I could see was nicely appointed and totally feminine, just as I expected it to be.

He started me lactating four years ago and I have milked my breasts every day since selling the product to local milk banks for mothers that need it for their newborns.

As you will see in the photos I am into serious breast and nipple discipline, also I enjoy bondage and going about wearing just lingerie.

His next words sent a rush through me as he asked, You have a web cam?

I replied that I did and he told me to go on line and contact him in YM.

I am an alpha male and am used to running my own business so I feel that is a plus factor in my behalf.

I am listing my phone number if you want to call and discuss this.

Her lush breasts were adorned with clothes pins crushing her dark nipples.Her creamy flesh was marked with bright pink lines from the switch she held in her mouth as she gazed into the camera.I just got your letter and after reading it I viewed the two photos you attached to it. I was not expecting to find a submissive when I placed this ad; however, I think that perhaps we can find common ground if we sit down and talk this over. However I must confess that I would be open to learning in order to fulfill your needs.I feel that you need to know a bit about me initially, so there will be no misconceptions about my background.I was married for ten years to a very dominate man that I submitted to, not just as his wife; but as his submissive.