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Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark have earned universal praise for innovation in both electronics and loudspeakers and for their range of accessories, audio peripherals that go the extra mile in the refinement of any high-performance system.Early on, Gryphon dismissed the notion of vibration control via absorption/dispersion using soft materials to convert resonances to heat.tay informed by joining our e-Newsletter list plus it enters you into our great contests too! Videos are available on our You Tube channel plus we have an excellent RSS feed.The new Posh floorstanding loudspeaker (9,000 per pair) from Gershman Acoustics has been designed to provide the very best sound and build quality.Gershman Acoustics' Posh reference floorstanding loudspeaker may also be ordered in any custom color to meet you needs and decor.Hi-Fi World's December issue features reviews of the Spendor D9 loudspeakers, Rock Hi-Fi stands, Chord Hugo 2, Cowon Plenue 2 portable digital audio player, Leema Quasar amplifier, Exposure XM5 integrated amplifier, Teac X-2000m Open Reel, Audio Technica AT700 Series MM cartridges, plus coverage of the Indulgence Show 2017.

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Sonically, Gershman Acoustics says this version from Mundorf truly stands out due to its wonderful natural singing and exceptional micro dynamics.

But, because they are assembled from carefully selected parts made of Polyoxymethylene (POM), aluminum and tempered steel, Gryphon Atlas Spikes create an evacuation path between the equipment and the outside world, acting as mechanical diodes, conducting energy in one direction only and blocking it the other way.

These no-nonsense accessories, based on real science, include M4 screw threads for easy mounting under loudspeakers and adhesive pads for carefully balanced placement under audio components, regardless of total weight.

The height of each Gryphon Atlas can be fine-tuned for perfect leveling and experimentation with positioning directly under transformers or motors will reveal the optimum set-up, with across the board sonic improvements in such critical areas as bass firmness, soundstage focus and overall clarity and openness.

Gryphon Audio Designs recommend Atlas spikes especially in conjunction with vibration-sensitive tube amplification, motor-driven components such as turntables and disc players and amplifiers with extensive internal wiring.