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Sonic Wild Fire is set to hit Nintendo's upcoming console sometime in 2007, just so you know.Screens Here Posted By: wraggster News from Lik Sang Nintendo's Star Fox returned to its roots this week with an all new DS title.Set after last year's Star Fox: Assault on the Cube, the planet Venom was revealed not to be as barren as first thought.Hiding in acidic oceans are a race known as Anglors, the leader of which intends to destroy the Lylat System.Supporting up to four players online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or up to six players if you're all together locally, there's both co-op and competitive multi-player modes.Through single player and co-op choices, it's your mission to prevent any enemies slipping by you and attacking the mother ship.Otherwise, your changes will not appear on your live Wix website.

@Igglyboo We found issue #9303 which may be the problem you're seeing. We have a beta build or 0.44 available if you like to try it out now.

The US port comes later on August 28th, but don't forget like all handhelds, the DS is region free so this game will work on every unit worldwide.

The first Star Fox (a.k.a Star Wing in Europe) was released in 1993 and brought 3D graphics to the SNES through a "Super FX Chip" and an extra math co-processor.

The line number where the error occurs is also pink. @redmunds I'll check that out, thanks ;) (wasn't aware of that).. I'll report back after some testing (since I didn't always get the pink warning, but also simply yellow and unresponsive, but perhaps related to the same issue...).

I also understand that there are a few extensions that may interfere with Live preview (CSS Shapes, Theseus, maybe css autoprefixer).