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Professor Adriana Tapus runs the Heroes project in Paris, which is trying to develop robots who show personality and emotion, with the aim of helping the autistic.

Earlier this month, an incredibly moving book was published, To Siri With Love, by Judith Newman, the mother of a teenage boy called Gus who’d formed a close bond with Siri, the virtual assistant on his i Phone.

Neither would he be desperately brilliant in a social environment.

November 2017, Saturday Time : 4.30pm SHARP Duration: approx. Distance 4.9 km Meeting Place: Khatib mrt (North South Line) , exit B.

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His head simply pops off and you can slot on the new one within seconds. ‘Not only can a robot multi-task and remind you to take exercise and medication, but you have a carer who shares all your passions and will chat to you for hours on end about the subject of your choice.’If you have been married for 50 years, you may have run out of conversation, he adds.

I’m not sure I find him attractive, but he is intriguing in a quiet sort of way. Even the most hopeless of husbands is able to sling on a pair of pants and socks in the morning, and dressing another man, even a non-sentient one, feels inappropriate.

On the plus side, however, his skin is smooth, his stomach surprisingly ripped and the skin of his face so realistic that it’s as though they peeled a real person. His skin tone is painted on and eyebrows added as individual hairs punched into the silicone. His skeleton was created over a laborious three or four weeks of 3D printing.

Although he says that his favourite film is I, Robot (ha, ha), clearly I am in charge of the remote control. I feel a bit like my nine-year-old daughter talking to her electronic Furby toy during our interactions.

This would never happen normally at home, where I am out‑voted on all sport as well as Tom Cruise, Jason Bourne and James Bond films by my husband and two sons. But I do have very strong affection for inanimate objects such as my robot vacuum cleaner.