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I have a listener because I am getting help with something I am having problems with.Late night is having a comeback, but it's not leading to increased TV numbers.pegged CBS' Stephen Colbert's audience at about 57. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" 18-49 audience share was about half that size.(It's also important to note that Colbert was in repeats that entire week, and Kimmel's Dec.

So next time you get into a cab, why not tell your driver about your night as if Taylor Swift herself had imagined it for you.You know the drill: it’s late, you’ve had a big one and the time’s finally come for a cab trip home. It’s hard to say who’s more bored of that conversation - us, or the cabbies. So here are eight suggestions for how to make that cab trip home a little more memorable… Pull out some headphones, stick them in one ear and pretend you’re on a phone call as well, except… Better suggestion: appoint your cabbie as the one to spy. Do you reckon you could give a cabbie your address purely in question form? You hail one down, get inside and begin the exact same conversation you always have. Let’s face it: these days you often don’t even get the chance to have a chat because your cabbie’s already hooked into his hands-free gear having one of those long, hushed, mysterious conversations with… only ever talk as a response to whatever the cabbie says into HIS phone. Not only will it prompt conversation, it’ll ensure his eyes are on the road and not his phone. Costs for TV and digital ads are measured differently, but several media buyers said the price to buy a commercial to reach an audience of the same size on each respective platform is practically identical.The interest of the younger, digital audience is so strong that it's partially helping TV ad prices go up.