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It was still in its packing, which was quickly discarded.The tape had this one layer that was a right bugger to remove.I immediatly spied and picked up the tape, running back into the house.Once inside, I flipped off my trainers and gazed at the tape.My aunt tapped on the side of the van window and I could hear her say she was going to meet them at the hideout.And the van started up and drove out of the garage.

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Put him in the van." I was put into the open rear doors of the van and to my surprise saw Stan aka "Batman" already tied up ,on the floor of the carpeted van , hand and foot and he was gagged with wide white tape.Whilst tying my legs, the tape kept splitting into small sections, which was annoying as it wasted tape.I managed to successfully tie my ankles and above and below my kneecaps with two layers each. Before I ever had decided to tie myself, I had only ever used the tape for ear-to-ear gags.It failed miserably, with me only able to get about two layers on my wrists. I struggled around for about five minutes before I forcibly ripped the bonds loose and untied myself, dumping the large ball of tape in the bin.I kept the gag on (I'm what some people would call a 'gagsnob') for the simple feel and thrill of being gagged.