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Our coaching session lasted for two weeks, half a year ago. Confident, cheery and full of swagger, he is pretty much a changed man. If I didn’t get pussywhipped by her, I wouldn’t have ended with Diana.” So, what did I teach Richard? It’s done up by my friend Fredo Hill which has got some pretty unique insights on how to manipulate women.

How did he transform himself from a timid beta male to a beauty queen-dating alpha stud? The video’s only a little more than two minutes, and it’s really worth watching.

In this special installment of forbidden seducers™, we delve into one of the most controversial dating techniques ever invented by man – fractionation .

Invented outside the seduction circle by Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) experts like John Grinder and old-school psychologists like Carl Jung, this nifty little woman psychology trick is famous for being one of the handful “ seduction routines ” which are said to bestow superpowers to any man who wishes to improve their love lives.

want to know how to manipulate women.” Richard was uncharacteristically blunt in telling me what he wanted. They would usually tell me that they would want to know . He had grown weary of having to jump through multiple hoops just to impress someone that he had some interest in.

Like many others who had come to me, he was tired of failing repeatedly with women.

ix months ago, Richard came to see me after reading an email that had earlier sent out to my list which he had received.

…and once you’ve done this sufficiently (every woman has her own “break point”), you’ll find that she becomes more and more compliant to your requests.(And if you harbor similar intentions towards women, please don’t continue reading.) Here’s my question to you: what will you do once you have acquired this power? Fractionation – The Ultimate Deadly Seduction Secret.I’ve only slept with him once.” Did he blow his top and completely lose his shit? Still, when I talked to Richard during our first coaching session, I could sense the bitterness, disappointment and deep sadness underlying his apparent calmness. This man’s ego had been beaten to a proverbial pulp.Richard’s case was challenging, but nothing extraordinary.

Fractionation dating trick