Foxy brown dating

But Rick Ross told MTV News on Tuesday that he isn't making any woman his wife — at least right now.Over the past couple of weeks, there has been speculation and reported confirmation that the Boss was proposing to the Brown Fox, Foxy Brown.Well, there is a huge probability of him being the father of Foxy’s newborn.

Judging from the photos, however, it's hard to tell beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the hip-hop pair are boos or just showing some rap-world love. I'm married to the money." Ross is partnering up with another hip-hop star soon though: Baby from Cash Money.

Some stars flaunt both their career and love life whereas some keep their personal life very low-key.

Brooklyn rap legend Inga De Carlo Fung Marchand, who is popular with the stage name Foxy Brown is one of those celebrities who kept the news about her pregnancy very private. That’s my husband.” No matter how Foxy’s past relationship was, she is now living happily and parenting her daughter.

However, she is now concentrating on her music and a few acting roles.

This is an excellent catch because Maximillian allegedly is worth 50 million dollars at the age of 39 this week. Allegedly, Claudia said that Foxx's shoes are filled by "male a cross dresser, as proof Jamie Foxx is gay".