Female sexchatbot

When we’re all just pixels to each other anyway, love feels the same from human and robot.

There are two parts to the Ashley Madison chatbot strategy: “angels” and “engagers.” “Angels,” echoing their Victoria’s-Secret-model namesakes, are fake profiles created by Ashley Madison employees that exist on the site lifeless and inert like Barbie dolls in a toy chest. The “engager” is a piece of AI software that generates thousands of conversations, using the “angel” as a puppet through which it can chat with its prey.

If you want to get off on the internet there’s no shortage of ways to do it.

Porn is ubiquitous and obvious, but there’s also internet-specific sex work.

The closest explanation is in the design of the site itself.

Sensation Bot is comfortingly web 1.0, with all-caps Comic Sans text in primary colors so fluorescent reading it feels like staring at the sun too long.