Estj dating istj

However, certain representatives of the ISTJ type may find it difficult to talk about feelings – whereas to the representatives of SF types feelings play a very important role.

In these cases ISTJs may fall back to something that both parties can relate to.

This kind of communication is easy to engage in for both parties.In order to establish a level of discussion that both parties will find acceptable, an ISTJ should "tune” into the communication style compatible with the NF group in advance. If you’re in a relationship with an ISFJ, be very glad. If you are an ISFJ and you’re trying to find the most compatible match for you, then the MBTI can be a really helpful tool in figuring out the pros and cons of each potential relationship. The point of this post isn’t to disparage anyone from pursuing a certain type or to give you a reason to leave a relationship.They will occasionally have to struggle to find argumentation that people from this group will understand.This may limit the conversation to what is equally easy to grasp for the both parties - for the most part, touching on facts and their direct consequences, which is based on their only common typological denominator thinking (T).