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You’ll intuitively know if you're not valued, and respected in return Don't continue in a negative situation, when you don’t feel good about it based on these basic qualities.

Respecting yourself and your needs maintain your high value and are your best defence to handle being taken for granted; pressured into moving too fast, or low-quality behaviour.

It's logical that you will attract love when you're pro-active and take consistent action. You also don't want to be too rigid about it, as this will affect your magnetic energy. Ultimately, you're responsible for achieving your relationship success and life happiness. This is outdated programming and you need to upgrade. Replace the old programming with a new story that you will attract a happy relationship with your ideal partner, as have millions of other single men and women internationally.

By story, I mean all the reasons you’ve decided are now facts as to why it’s “difficult” or “impossible” to find the right partner We've all heard these right? Then start investing your time and energy in how best you can start taking smart consistent focussed steps towards attracting the relationship you want. The energy and tone you set at the start of dating should be light, trusting, and open.

Not that we need science to prove this, but it isn’t a myth that bad behaviour is excused in the name of “ hotness”.

As a high-value woman or man, you have respect for yourself, and others, and clear standards in place like good manners, courtesy, engaging conversation.

Revealing your true nature, charisma and personality from the first date gives your date an insight into the real you, and how it will feel being in a relationship with you.

Relationship-Mind men and women don't have time to invest energy in the "guarded and perfect" version of you to learn later that there is a different person behind it.

Ask yourself how what you’re doing now is working for you? If you’re re-active now and believe "it will happen when it happens" or "you never find it when you're looking for it," it's a myth. As cliché as it sounds, the truth is if you invest your energy believing negative thoughts like this, you will look for evidence of these being true. Don’t limit yourself and play small by accepting and believing negative thoughts and opinions about your “circumstances”.

That's usually because of an equal exchange of care, attention, time, energy, and expression of feelings.

Do keep in mind though; that the way someone behaves with you during the first few dates (when you are strangers) isn't necessarily a reflection of what kind of partner they will make.

Replace rules with understanding, self-awareness and concentrate on presenting the best and true version of yourself instead.

Consider all the information, which resonates with you, keep it in mind, and then trust yourself to judge each situation in a smart and informed way.