Error when updating password

In the On-premises data gateway user interface, select Diagnostics and then select the Export logs link near the bottom of the page, as shown in the following image.

Installer logs The On-premises data gateway service event logs are present under Application and Services Logs.

Within the Enabling Emit Query Traces could increase the log size significantly depending on gateway usage.

Please use Marc's suggestion, which is designed for the signed-in user to change their own password (by providing their old password and new password). For example, adjusting indexes for a SQL Server query.You will need to modify two configuration files to determine the duration of a query.Gateway Core] Executing query (timeout=224) " SELECT TOP (1000001) [t0].[Product Category Name],[t0].[Fiscal Year], SUM([t0].[Amount]) AS [a0] FROM ( (select [$Table].[Product Category Name] as [Product Category Name], [$Table].[Product Subcategory] as [Product Subcategory], [$Table].[Product] as [Product], [$Table].[Customer Key] as [Customer Key], [$Table].[Region] as [Region], [$Table].[Age] as [Age], [$Table].[Income Group] as [Income Group], [$Table].[Calendar Year] as [Calendar Year], [$Table].[Fiscal Year] as [Fiscal Year], [$Table].[Month] as [Month], [$Table].[Order Number] as [Order Number], [$Table].[Line Number] as [Line Number], [$Table].[Quantity] as [Quantity], [$Table].[Amount] as [Amount] from [dbo].[V_Customer Orders] as [$Table]) ) AS [t0] GROUP BY [t0].[Product Category Name],[t0].[Fiscal Year] There are several logs you can collect for the gateway, and you should always start with the logs.The simplest way to collect logs after installing the gateway is through the user interface.