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Nastia will be helping out the contestants and working to stay relevant.

At 10 PM, I'm flipping over to CBS to catch Dave Durante, Sasha Artemev, Wes Haagensen and Steve Mc Cain shirtless at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

They ignored Orser's earlier revelation that Arirang is her long program and acted like it is still news.

While I can't wait for the Olympic Champion to express that beautiful folk song, I am rather surprised to learn that she will skate to Giselle for her short program.

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Perhaps she is finally correcting her flexed feet..they will stick out.The Koreans may like anything she does, but the rest of us are another story.Team Kim made such a BFD last spring about her wanting to do something Latin or a Tango (even though she skated to Tango de Roxanne for two seasons.) While Yu-Na was reportedly working with Shae-Lynn Bourne on a short program, both of her competitive programs were indeed done by David Wilson.Yu-Na working with her gays, old and new, on the new programs.Arirang may very well become the signature Olympic long program we all wish she had.