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When creating your profile you are encouraged to identify yourself with one or more sub groups as well as specify your interest in certain sub groups.This process makes it so you can find the perfect connections with local men faster and easier than any other gay dating site online.It's been less than a year since then and I have been shunned by a lot of my family and friends. Man Play has always been #1 in connecting gay men online, but we take a special pride in knowing that we acknowledge and support all the sub groups of gay men.I'm sure they'll come around, but for now I'm on my own in this world and I'm here looking for a man to spend time with and more Baddest Fatboy UNo Gay, black, and fat! Bears, cubs, otters, twinks, chubs, muscle, daddy, and more - Man Play isn't one of those sites that just throws all our members together and makes them fend for themselves.

It’s hard enough admitting that you’re attracted to men, but it’s even harder to profess your love for chubby men.

We have thousands members who get off on showing off online.

Whether you're interested in some cyber sex or cyber role-playing on one of our many sex chat rooms, discussing sexual fantasies, sex tips and techniques, or just whatever is on your mind with gay men from around the world on our discussion boards, or whether you're into one-on-one video chats or webcam shows—Man Play has all the best online action with the hottest chubs from around the world.

read more That Chubby N00b I spent many years hiding my true self. I'm looking for a guy who's willing to be a top and a bottom, flexible with experimenting and trying out new stuff, and who appreciates me physically. You won't find many gay dating sites out there that have dedicated part of their site specially to chubs, but Man is doing its part!

I was married to a woman for eight years before I finally told her what I finally couldn't deny any more: I am gay. Me personally, I like all the sexy body types :)read more Are you the kind of man who needs a little more to love? Chubs join Man Play because they know they are joining a gay community that celebrates and admires men just like them, as well as men of all kinds!