He produced a paper on the subject which was published in the volume 46.The paper concentrates on the calculations required by the two calendars, and includes details of ‘a method of finding the time of Easter, as it is observed in most parts of Europe’, noting that should the country choose to adopt the Gregorian calendar, they ought to bring the time for celebrating Easter in line with the majority of Europeans.Rather than diving in and signing up to the first dating in Europe agency you see, why not think about whether you want to meet individuals from specific countries or if there are certain nationalities that intrigue you.It is important to be aware that people who have grown up in different cultures may have varying expectations and traditions that influence their lifestyle.This of course would go some way to addressing the confusion that so concerned Wallis.Parker went on to speak at the House of Lords in favour of this change in the year, the speech was published and although we do not have a copy here in our collections, it is still available to purchase.In the opening paragraph Wallis states: ‘I think it was very unhappily introduced at first, not only as not perfectly true; but principally, as having caused confusion of stile throughout Christendome’.He then goes on to express why he favours the Julian year. EL/W2/66) and is available to view here at the Royal Society Library.


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However by 1752, it is clear that at least one of the Royal Society Fellows supported the change, namely George Parker, 2nd Earl of Macclesfield and President of the Society from November 1752 (shortly after the ‘missing 11 days’) until his death in 1764.

Parker was a prominent figure in favour of changing the calendar.

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