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This can be an admin workstation or a tools server.This is because a single g PLink attribute lists all linked policies.The implementation is less-than-ideal, but that is the design we have to work with. Get-GPO "Default Domain Policy" Display Name : Default Domain Policy Domain Name : Coho Owner : COHOVINEYARD\Domain Admins Id : 31b2f340-016d-11d2-945f-00c04fb984f9 Gpo Status : All Settings Enabled Description : Creation Time : 4/12/2011 PM Modification Time : 10/3/2014 PM User Version : AD Version: 0, Sys Vol Version: 0 Computer Version : AD Version: 38, Sys Vol Version: 38 Wmi Filter : All of these new columns follow the other helpful columns from the original report: block inheritance, link enabled, enforced, precedence, WMI filter, etc.This is a classic recursion routine with a function that calls itself.If you’ve not seen one before, then study this one.