Dating sites with women who like men with longhair

An observation I've made over the years is that when middle age starts to add a bit of weight, a woman goes straight to the hair shop to butch her hair and become as unattractive as she can.I've never understood it as nice long hair will cause me to overlook other body issues, but short hair just exaggerates them. I'm not terribly sure why it's significant, but I think they always like to envision themselves on a formal date, dressed to the nines like a princess, and want to see what your version of a 'Prince Charming' would look like. Now, not so much but a lot of women my age still love him. makes it shine more too..don't go overboard it will look greasy.It's only one photo, so give it a shot and see if it makes any difference. I personally prefer men with short hair and trimmed nicely or even bald. People are judged by many things such as, fat, thin, athletic, to rich, to poor, blue collar, white collar, smoking, drinking, religion... Once you get to a point that you are happy with yourself, single or not.. Don't worry about those who do not like you, and please never take it personal. Is long hair attractive to the type of women that you're interested in? I'm a lot older than you and I would say long hair is a turn off. You need to do profile review as yours is very sparse.

Karen Moore, of TRESemmé Philips hair appliances, said: "Hair is such a defining part of a woman's appearance.

I had one myself, but pulled it a while ago because it's a couple years old. Adding a few pictures of yourself doing something other than playing the guitar would probably help too.

Personally I think long hair on a man that is well kept and clean is sexy. So I understand your frustration, but I do not pay any attention if a woman is not into my hair style. If you are confident about your look, the right woman will find it attractive.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. If you respond to signs of fertility, your genes are more likely to be passed on. thus when women have short hair is too much of a close reminder of a male feature. God made us visual creatures thats the reason you flip over Brad Pitt and any buff hunks that walk by.

Ok first off I am not answering the colored hair... Thus, the longer the hair the more of a reminder ... Men are the same and it is an inate attraction to appreciate long hair on a women.