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From its movies in the park to its community barbecues and holiday festivals, Universal City is a wonderful place, not just to be single, but perhaps even meet another single and become, dare we say it, a couple.Okay, here’s the good news about Marion: this community is filled with singles and it is cheap.The other good news is that nearly 60 percent of residents are single, so no matter which way you swing, you’re bound to meet somebody.The only thing is, once you meet that somebody, you might be kind of limited in date options. You’ll even find Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and some of the best ice cream around.Things like where to meet people, where to go on dates, how to take care of yourself financially—and of course, Six Flags, which let’s be honest, you’re never really too old for. Plus, the cost of living is so low here, you’ll be able to afford all the dining out you could want.The truth is, the whole San Antonio metropolitan area is filled with great places for singles, and today, we’ve rounded up the 10 best. (When you get tired of these seven restaurants, just hope over to San Antonio where there, oh, a little over 5,000.) There are some places in Texas where the singles scene is pretty skewed toward either men or women.There’s a Dave and Busters, Wonderland of the Americas, which includes The Bijou, and a dinner and movie theater.Personally, whenever I think of the San Antonio area, I remember Six Flags, the missions, and yes, I remember the Alamo.

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the details of that later in our methodology section.

Balcones Heights We came up with this list by taking a look at all of the largest places near San Antonio according to these singles-friendly criteria: A lot of math and analysis later, we came up with our top 10.

Luckily, ladies, Elmendorf is not one of these places, as the population is divided pretty equally.

As a matter of fact, La Vernia has more restaurants and arts and entertainment listings per capita than anywhere else. Besides, Somerset is a nice, peaceful community to come home to, once you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the bigger city.

Almost 60 percent of the population here is unmarried, and better still, the split between guys and gals is pretty much even.