Dating site for good looking people only

Personally I think it's up there with We Just at the pinnacle of the online dating sector.Good news first: I was accepted, LOL:) I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam.It will hurt your ego if the voters decide that you are not pretty or handsome enough.

“We are very excited about the opening of our flagship bar,” Hodge said.Mingle2day has many attractive members, also Tinder can be a very good option.If you are ok with getting rejected try Beautifulpeople, if not use other alternatives. Most of the female profiles are fake, and you'll always get messages the day before or after you're subscription is going to run out.I actually think the person/people who manage the site are often the ones behind messages you receive.It is an absolute, 100% con Still waiting to be hit by Beautiful People 'arrow' lol!