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Jump forward two more seasons and they're nearly all dead, they're fighting a weird alien race called the Kromaggs and O'Connell's Quinn Mallory (Quinn for short) has morphed into a totally new guy also named Quinn Mallory (Mallory for short, in case anyone got confused).

Most TV shows that last more than three or four seasons begin the inexorable slide downhill.We are now casting a docu-series that tells the stories of new parents as they navigate diapers, 4 AM feedings and everything in between.Are you and your spouse preparing to welcome your first born into the world?Emma Samms's character Fallon became stranded in the desert, and was seemingly abducted by aliens. And then the show was cancelled and we never found out what happened. ) wants to try his healing non-invasive technique on YOU. If you would like to be considered for an interview, please submit an application along with photos of yourself by visiting RATTLED: NOW CASTING NEW PARENTS!