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lightweight ten-speed bicycles such as my Sportabout.He has worked in several bicycle shops, and one of the shops he managed was an actual Schwinn dealership.There is no way to include all models in this list but my hope is this will help some in identifing their bikes. Men's Cushion Frame Two Speed Chainless (This was a mid or late year addition and does not show up in the 1902 catalog. Head Badges on Two Speeds clearly show 1902 and Model 88 on the same badge. On many older Pope/Westfield made bikes the head badge offers a clue. Men’s Two Speed Chainless with Cushion Frame Model 155... The model number is stamped into the badge and the model number is year specific. Women’s Two Speed Chainless with Cushion Frame Model 150...

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(last time I weighed Schwinn forks, difference was 191 grams = 0.42 pounds! In I keep thinking about the fact that e Bay is the ultimate visual encyclopedia!The brakes seem clear: simple side-pulls or fashionable center-pulls.So, that leaves the BIG difference: the front fork!On this page I will include both the known serial number charts and model number/year lists for older bikes. I will also be adding information on serial number years and production numbers as I get it.