Dating scammer irina from russia

God Bless, Sarah (Australia) Report N5 (added on April, 30, 2014) Jack Clifford works together with Daniel Amah, United Nation Delivery Company, Accra, Ghana and diplomat Angelo Markson.They brainwash and terrorize you to make you pay for transporrt of fake money to your address.

I pray and hope these people will rot in hell as they are sooo evil.

On the pictures you send me, I could see a good-looking man, white. (Italy) Report N2 (added on March, 19, 2014) Pretending his wife died in childbirth and the army provided a guardian for his son who is in boarding school age 12.

The eldest son (Henze) and his wife, according to his account have died in an accident. The money you must send to the Director of Hotel:: NAME ... He married the guardian who was 11 years older than himself and she supposedly died 4 years ago.

After then I begin to have some butterflies in my stomach, I contacted the Australian Embassy in Thailand and the UK Embassy in Thailand, they are not listed there. He is around thailand with his woman Thai-Philippine citizen, a prostitute. I took the opportunity to take the report to the International Police.

I called MG to stopped and save the 00 but twas so late, we were delayed and that woman already got our money thru her contacts.