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The flight manual and crew training programs did not provide instruction on manual pitch control and pitch trim during high-altitude flight.The lack of appropriate simulators contributed to the crew’s lack of ability.The aircraft belly-flopped into a swampy area and disintegrated on impact.The search for the black boxes, which was interrupted for the night, concluded the following morning when both recorders were found and subsequently transported to Moscow for analysis.At the time it was the deadliest crash in Ukraine modern history and the second in Ukraine SSR, after the 1979 Dniprodzerzhynsk mid-air collision, until it was surpassed in 2014 when Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down 40 miles east of Flight 612's crash site, also located in Donetsk Oblast, killing 298 people in the deadliest single airliner shoot-down in aviation history.Flight 612 was served by a Russian Tupolev Tu-154M airliner (registration: RA-85185), operated by Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise.

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Due to the extensive crash forces and post-accident fires, rescuers believed that it would be very difficult to identify the majority of the victims on-site.While avoiding areas of thunderstorms and turbulence, the crew allowed the aircraft to enter pitch oscillations exceeding the angle of attack operational range.Lack of control over speed and not following the Flight Manual to prevent and recover from a stall and poor crew resource management allowed the situation to escalate into a catastrophic one.They could see people in a number of seats that were thrown out of the aircraft on impact, but none showed any signs of life.Early reports suggested that Flight 612 may have been caught in a thunderstorm; immediately prior to the crash, the pilots notified air traffic control that they were experiencing severe turbulence.