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Even if my experience has not been a good one, it doesn’t mean yours won’t be.

Sara: When did you meet your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s parents?

Perhaps having family and friends validate and encourage your relationship helps your relationship, and when their subtle (or overt) approval wanes, perhaps your uncertainty increases.

This is all happening, by the way, regardless of whether you really do have a good sense of humor (or not).

If the prospect of meeting your partner’s family now seems incredibly intimidating, take comfort in the idea that a “meet the parents” event is, in and of itself, a good sign for your relationship.

Both men and women introduce their dating partners to parents when they are ready to gain their parent’s approval and want to signal to their partner that they are serious about the relationship (Fisher & Salmon, 2013).

She met the news with a cold and disapproving silence.

Eventually, she allowed me to stay with them for a month while I was on exchange. I packed gifts for the whole family, carefully picked my outfits and offered to help as much as I could around the house.