Dating mark zuckerberg the rules

Here’s how…Here’s how to guarantee frustration: trying to date one person at a time, or trying to get one client at a time, or trying to get one job at a time.

If you put all your feelings, hopes, and desires into one person you’re inevitably signing up for a rollercoaster ride. Here’s how to avoid getting scared of the rollercoaster: go on more than one ride.

I recently made a few small changes to my professional and personal life and it had profound consequences, what’s weird is that the rules I followed were interchangeable…A lot of people make this common refrain: treat your business like you treat your dating. So after experiencing an entire year of trying and failing in many (hilarious) ways, and sometimes a lot of genuine pain, here are 5 guidelines that I’ve found work magically which will hopefully save you the trouble.

(It’s like that saying “if it’s to good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true”)This is for those A-type achiever personalities who don’t like to give up.Speaking of desperate…This one might be controversial, but again this is for when you’re first starting out. They go on a date with a girl they think is gorgeous and proceed with a barrage of, “you’re so beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re gorgeous,” then almost drop to one knee and propose.Saying things like, “I think we’d make the perfect team!Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is attracted to interesting people.While it’s obvious how this works in dating, it surprisingly carries over into business.