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Jonathan Greenard is becoming a force off the bench.

He has 11.5 tackles for loss ranking 10th nationally.

Heading into the season most expected a playoff run but now we might be lucky to make a Bowl Game.

Poor execution on the defensive side of the ball and lack of a consistent rushing attack on the offensive side of the ball has their season upside down and this team will have to fix things fast if they want to play in December.

I put in the leg work and followed this team through Fall and Spring workouts. There was no way that I thought we’d be facing another three-game losing streak at this point in the season.

They are currently ranked #4 in the country in total offense and #7 in passing offense. And the only reason they are in the top 30 is because of Lamar Jackson. Having a 100-yard rusher a game like Jackson this team is hard to beat but add another 100-yard guy to this offense and they become really hard to beat.

Coach Petrino has prided himself on running the football over the course of his career, and when the Cardinals can run the ball for over 200 yards, they are 45-6 with him as coach.