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Send Message Ref ID:647ca433-22fc-45f7-82d0-a5d96731f462 I am beginning to wonder where all the good, genuine men are...someone who is genuinely nice, normal, kind and appreciates a good woman when he finds one. I love the outdoors, good wine and food as well as the really simple things in life that money just can't buy - bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds, green grass, mountains, good company and the ocean.The tricky part of living abroad is meeting an unattached man who can spare a bit of time to meet up and see if things click.I am looking for a proper and long term relationship, a soul mate and someone to share life with both in love, romance and friendship. Send Message Ref ID:dd89e1c4-94b6-42b1-854e-8360505e37d8 I am a male in my early 30s living in HK.

I'm working on growing my dream into a reality.looking forward to bring smiles around Interested in meeting friendly woman who love love perfect conversation and wine with dinner and are passionate about travel, trying new food and things in general.

Surprise me :) Send Message Ref ID:4192304d-b4ac-4756-b9c6-73f578225701 Dear All I am Indian origin female in my early 30s , been in Hong Kong for over 3 years now. Witty and sincere self intro get my attention fast whilst a lazy lame "hi" will go to the bin.

I am open-minded, enthusiastic, genuine, well-traveled, doing well in my career . I always prefer real, face-to-face interaction to faceless, instant communication with someone miles or continents away. Send Message Ref ID:51b635e7-3865-4851-b48b-f113c76f69d2 If you are interested in joining a small private group of smart and successful career women (30 ) from all over the world please message me.

Whatever the future holds, I want to meet a woman that I can hold her hands And together we will discover that future of happiness, love, family and endless possibilities together.

Send Message Ref ID:3a0d35e2-228c-4935-a765-27bcfcc90619 Hi there, I am not sure if this web works, but I am early 30s local girl studied aboard for few years, had been working hard, hope to meet a single guy around 28-33 ? I am a 46 year old British single woman with great friends, wonderful family (no dependents), a career I love an abundance of travel and adventures and a genuinely nice, loyal and loving person with interests and aspirations.