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Neighboring businesses couldn't stay afloat and closed their doors.Wendy said she brought only her teen daughter with her because at 16, she was the most vulnerable to gang violence, drugs, even prostitution. Wendy and her daughter were to travel by bus to Miami where they would be reunited with Wendy's husband, who immigrated three years ago.

About 140 undocumented immigrants are being transported to El Centro, Calif., and San Diego every three days by U. Customs and Border Protection as a way to alleviate overwhelmed Border Patrol stations in the Rio Grande Valley.

"Everybody is adamant that it's not going to happen."Both Yina and Wendy imagine a better life for their kids, one without extreme violence and crime.

Wendy, who owned a small men's clothing store in Honduras, said gang members forced her to pay them a monthly fee."If you refuse, they kill you. "It's impossible to live in Honduras anymore."The store was robbed on several occasions.

— Though they crossed the Rio Grande River into southern Texas at different times, the two women's experiences were markedly the same.

A "guía" — a guide — showed each woman the way, and charged 0 to cross the river. Surrounded by small boats crammed with people, each woman preferred to pass through the waters on her own."My longing to get to my destination was so great that I crossed the river on foot," said Wendy, of Honduras.