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Relationships are stronger and more romantic when the man is energized for interaction and the woman is respecting his need for the “man cave”.

More independence in the relationship often creates deeper friendships outside the relationship, more time for hobbies and independent interests.

I feel as though we truly do enjoy our company when we have quality time together, and part of it is due to us both having our own lives, friendships, hobbies, and time spent apart.

loves when I go on a hike with a friend on my own accord, teach myself a new hobby, or take some time to myself to rest.

Women tend to fear that their man is losing interest in them or don’t love them when he pulls away to get space.

Often they might nag him about it or get emotional.

The British occupied Salsette Island, Thana Fort, Fort Versova, and the island fort of Karanja in 1774.

Covering a distance of 34 km (21 mi), it was hauled by three locomotives: Sahib, Sindh and Sultan.

Thane, also called colloquially as Thana, is one of the most populous metropolitan cities in India.Most women, on the other hand, are ready for interaction with their partners, and when the man pulls away, are tempted to chase after him.Not only does this make him run away faster, it tempts him to stay in his man cave longer!As much as I need his support and company when I attend social gatherings, he needs my support when he is craving some time to re-energize.I am going to make an effort to improve this area in our marriage.