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During the submarine warfare phases of the war, the United States, fearing that the islands might be seized by Germany as a submarine base, again approached Denmark about buying them. Appeals from the federal District Court are heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On October 21, 1976, President Gerald Ford signed Pub. 94–584 authorizing the people of the United States Virgin Islands to organize a government pursuant to a constitution, which would be automatically approved if Congress did not act within 60 days. Little has been achieved on this front since 2009 when a proposed constitution was contested by the U. Justice Department on the grounds that the powers sought exceeded what would be considered allowable under territorial status. It alleged that racial discrimination present in an all-white and segregated U. Congress of 1917 was the impetus to deny the right to vote to a majority non-white constituency.

After a few months of negotiations, a selling price of million in United States gold coin was agreed (this is equivalent to 0.23 million in 2016 dollars). While a Danish possession, the Islands were divided into "quarters" (five on St. Croix) which were further divided into many dozens of "estates". The case was ultimately dismissed and closed on August 16, 2012 by District Judge Anne E.

Instead of allowing themselves to be recaptured, more than a dozen of the ringleaders shot themselves before the French forces could capture them and call them to account for their activities during the period of rebel control.

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The Treaty of the Danish West Indies was signed in August 1916, with a Danish referendum held in December 1916 to confirm the decision. John More densely populated towns such as Frederiksted and Christiansted on St. Specifically, the Special Committee recommended that the "views of the people of the United States Virgin Islands in respect of their right to self-determination should be ascertained" and that the UN should "actively pursue a public awareness campaign aimed at assisting the people of the United States Virgin Islands with their inalienable right to self-determination and in gaining a better understanding of the options for self-determination".Other categories which also include some tourism jobs include Arts and Entertainment (792 jobs), Accommodation & Food (6,541 jobs), Accommodation (3755 jobs), Food Services & Drink (2,766 jobs).When those are totaled, it is clear that a large percentage of the 37,613 non-farm workers are employed in dealing with tourists; of course, serving the local population is also part of the role of these sectors.In 1867 a treaty to sell Saint Thomas and Saint John to the United States was agreed, but the sale was never effected. Virgin Islands are the Democratic Party of the Virgin Islands, the Independent Citizens Movement, and the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands. The current House of Representatives delegate is Stacey Plaskett.A number of reforms aimed at reviving the islands' economy were attempted, but none had great success. At the territorial level, fifteen senators – seven from the district of Saint Croix, seven from the district of Saint Thomas and Saint John, and one senator at-large who must be a resident of Saint John – are elected for two-year terms to the unicameral Virgin Islands Legislature. Virgin Islands have elected a territorial governor every four years since 1970. Virgin Islands have a District Court, Superior Court and the Supreme Court.