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So much of our lives are tangled up in finances, which is probably why financial management ranks so highly among survey respondents in the dating pool.While your credit score might be somewhat low at the moment because of unforeseen circumstances in the past – medical debt, a big purchase you regret and already beat yourself up for, or undisciplined financial management when you were younger – there is always room to develop healthier financial habits and potentially secure long-term romantic relationships as a result.

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You won’t want to point-blank ask your date: “So, what’s your credit score?It’s important to be on the same page when it comes to couples and money management because a thrifty partner or spouse dating or married to someone who loves splurging on a regular basis can lead to quite a bit of conflict in that relationship.If you’re the budget-conscious, money-saving side of the relationship, then you wouldn’t want to deal with the stress of watching your partner (or spouse) dipping into your joint bank account or coming up short for shared expenses (e.g., rent or dining out) because they went on one too many shopping sprees recently.If you’re the impulsive shopper in the relationship, then you might not want to be lectured at every time you make a non-essential purchase simply because the money could’ve been saved for something else.In short, there’s a reason why money is one of the number one causes of fights in romantic and familial relationships.