Dating advice disney princesses

She proves that with hard work and determination, nothing, even turning into a frog, can stand in your way.

Anna is goofy, outspoken, unstoppable and totally relatable.

While we love Ariel's adventurous side, does it not bother anyone else how much she was willing to give up for Prince Eric?

Meanwhile, he was ready to marry the first girl who sang him a pretty tune.

Plus, she can paint with all the colors of the wind, so there's that.

Tiana is the first and only princess who not only has a full-time job, but starts her own business, too!

The prince saves the princess, they kiss, we sigh and project unrealistic expectations onto our own lives. The great thing about Fergus is he wouldn't push you, and might even be able to sympathize - concerningly well, actually. Just don't go to the murderers, and we'll be good."Hang on.

Everyone grows up admiring Disney Princesses for their beautiful looks and fairytale love stories.

But have you ever realized some of the questionable dating advice that these fabulous princesses are telling us?

She joins the army and no one finds her suspicious, because she's just as good, if not better, than everyone else.

In the comics below, which originally appeared on College Humor, illustrator Paul Westover shows us what it would look like if Disney princesses had met their princes online.