Dating a former drug dealer

This guy thinks he’s king of his friends and custies, so he wants a trophy to lord around, he wants his friends to want you but know they will be F’d UP if they touch, totally cliché and totally fucking true, in every drug movie you have ever seen there’s the drug missus and everyone wants to plow her regardless if she is busted-looking or not, the fact that she is the dealer’s woman makes them want her MORE.Practically every friend and customer behind my bf’s back would give me horny eyes and be really into what I was saying and I got the vibe he wouldn’t rat.I didn’t NEED to be with these guys, I figured what the fuck and wrote it off as a vacation from boredom.Next time I will just get a better hobby, here’s why: A-appeal You have to appeal to a dealer’s fantasy of what a drug dealer’s girlfriend should embody, and that usually boils down to your attitude and your ass.When it’s all over you keep everything quiet – it’s part of a code.I took a lot of shit worthy of calling the cops and charging both guys, but I didn’t.I never saw any grow-ops though, I’m just using it as an example.

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Going on deals you will visit a lot of their houses, apartments, street corner hang-outs, and so on.You will be privy to a LOT of information that if you weren’t stoned immaculate (snappy Doors reference**) could make you shit in your pants.As leverage, your bf will try to instill some fear into you that if you should ever leave him, crap about “certain people” finding you, blah blah, while vaguely possible, isn’t likely, you are small potatoes.My bfs thought we would be together forever, yes we had something truly special.Dude, what we was a co-dependent abusive relationship, the foundation of which is based on drugs and money and being high all the time. G-Grow-op If this is ever mentioned, you didn’t hear it, you don’t know what or where it is, the end.