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even though we have split we always miss each other so much. he is very stubborn in his ways but at the end of the day he gives the best love I can ask for. How do we find out if a Leo man is seriously hitting on you? I am a Cancer and I don't mind giving the attention to a Leo near or long distance. So, what a can I do to keep the communication going and interesting until we have best advice to lovers out there take care of your Leo and tell him how great he is (that's why your with him right? He never fails to make me laugh and I've heard he doesn't talk much to people at work but he seemed friendly to me. As a Cancer woman all you have to do is keep you emotions in check.He never calls me & when we do text I'm the one texting first. Why would he even make plans with me to hang out again? I am a Cancerian woman and this article fits me to a bill. He has no problem with my shopping, and as long I am all dolled up he does not mind the upkeep.We made plans to see each other and he text me saying he was really tired from work and he would come the next day. I say if you Cancer women find a great Lion keep him.I always tell him daily how much I love and appreciate him, I stroke his ego, why not.He is 6 foot 4, bald and gorgeous and just sweet to me oh, by the way he treats my son like his own and treats him very well.

There is a Leo/snake (he is very much a Leo, I'm not sure about the snake part. He doesn't know I exist ,its like he's famous or something. but he loves attention especially from girls and I sometimes question if he really likes me. besides me..relationship with a Leo men is the greatest thing I ever had compare to other zodiac sign I had...

This is a major problem at the start of the relationship, as they assume you know they're interested in you when in fact you have no idea! I must say its one of the best relationships I have been in EVER!! text or call him when he least expect it jus to say ur thinking of him and ur missing him! From my personal experience, Cancer and Leo match is pretty awesome.

To any Cancer ladies hoping or trying to get with a Leo.. I am a cusp baby (Cancer-Leo) and I know a few Leos who are friends of mine and we're tight like glue.

I love him so much and I know he does too but I always have a bad feeling about him I felt that he is cheating me with another woman. also we have an unbelievable chemistry when I sleep in his house we make it two or three time daily..

he told me that I am the sexist woman he ever met but am wondering who is the sexiest woman in Leo eyes I meant what her horoscope? I have been with him for about three years now, we have broken up many times. Would they rather you be near them so that they may get that center of attention.