Datin fuck dating a man who drinks alot on weekends

But that's neither here nor there.) The worst of these are the Disney fuckboys, who weaseled their way into your brain at a very young and impressionable age to teach you that it is totally fine and not at all suspcious for a man you've barely met to tell you he loves you and kiss you while you're sleeping.

Like, if any of these dudes were transported into modern day, they'd never have time to marry a princess because they'd be too busy texting "U UP? While basically every male Disney character displays fuckboyish tendancies, the following 10 bros are the most responsible for the fact that you keep dating dudes who think Justin Bieber is an acceptable role model.

(you deluded, Basic bitch) You always dreamed that you'd fall in love with a completely misunderstood but actually gorgeous and moody rom-com-esque hunk of beef, aye?? The preserve of hipsters five years ago and over, now Basic fuckers have them and they're everywhere and they're basic, you basic fucker.

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Tahniah sekali lagi diucapkan buat Salima dan suami atas masjid yang dibina.

He just borrowed that elephant and clothes from his homie who has a real job, and as soon as you commit, he’ll be back to stealing from street vendors and sleeping in an abandoned building.

And like, sure, he has a dope ride, but this dude is shady and a liar.

Lama tidak mendengar khabar mengenai salah seorang bekas pelajar Akademi Fantasia 4 iaitu Salima.

Tup-tup hujung minggu lalu Salima telah pun selamat bergelar isteri kepada seorang pendakwah terkenal iaitu Ustaz Syed Abd Kadir Syed Hussin Aljoofre.