Datagridviewcheckboxcolumn not updating

How can I get this to update the underlying bound data?

I've seen related questions, but they're not consistant in their answers.

Are you using autogenerated columns or explicitly created ones?

It is the same behavior as when editing text field: the underlying object will not change on each typed letter, it will change at the end, when the focus is changed.

I've got a Binding List binded as the data source of a Data Grid View; one of the TSource properties is binded to a Data Grid View Check Box Column, but the data source is updated not when a click on the checkbox occurs, but when the focus on the checkbox itself is lost.

I'm not trying to set the checked state programmatically, but rather let the user select and then use that selection in various other event handlers.

Not necessarily such a big deal for a checkbox but a worthwhile design decision for the text box cell.

Data Grid View Check Box Column c = new Data Grid View Check Box Column(false); c.

this is very very simple actually if you create a public instance of a datatable then when you change the value of a field from True to False, then Cast the Data Grid View.

I was using the following code, and I couldnt figure out why it wasn't working right all of the time.