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The video shows the officer had even counted the money for her to see if she would have enough money for bond. Video shows they turned her over to Bedford Heights Police with her purse.

The mistake happened as the officer got a phone out of Bradley’s purse for her.

The trooper that pulled her over said that he came almost “nose-to-nose” with her. “The individual in this case was twice the legal limit,” said Lt. “Obviously a dangerous dangerous combination when you get behind the wheel with that blood alcohol level.” Lt. “We sometimes see this where drivers will get on the freeway for whatever reason and drive the wrong direction,” said Lt. “And obviously as we’ve seen here in a couple recent incidents in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, that they can have some tremendously tragic results.” In mid-March, a family of three drove northbound on southbound lanes on US-131.

“Thankfully she came to a stop without striking the trooper vehicle,” said Lt. “She had slowed down greatly by the time his vehicle was approaching her.” The driver, identified as 63-year-old Toni Buller of Portage, came to a complete stop only a few feet away from the trooper’s patrol car. Hinz said Buller told police she was on her way home in Portage. Seconds after coming down the ramp, they were struck head-on and killed. Hinz said wrong-way driving isn't something they typically see on the road, even among drunk drivers. “Pull over to the right as quickly as possible,” said Lt. “Stop your vehicle and we will obviously get calls on that.

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“She was westbound in the eastbound lanes,” said MSP 1st LT. “We actually were able to stop traffic with the help of some local agencies.” Dash camera video was recently released, showing cars and semi-trucks pulled over to the side.

She added, "Honestly, all I wanted them to do was to say, ‘Hey, we apologize.

We're sorry.’" Toya said she did get an alert telling her someone had tried to use one of her credit cards, but she believes she cancelled everything just in time.

" The incident happened in June, but the I TEAM obtained the video Friday.

We spoke to Bradley and she said, “Of course, I was never thinking he was gonna be that careless to leave it on top of the car." Bradley says, in the purse, she had cash, credit cards, even social security cards.

Dangerous woman live cam free online sex no credit card