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, a sociological examination of contemporary dating habits that includes a similar analysis of real text conversations between men and women.

The TFI Documentary Fund awards grants of at least ,000 to outstanding feature documentaries that aim to give audiences a unique glimpse of captivating personal stories and unconventional, unexplored environments.

Previous recipients of the TFI Documentary Fund include Zachary Heinzerling’s Academy-Award nominated Cutie and the Boxer, Crystal Moselle, who profiled six teenage cinephile brothers delving into the outside world after years of isolation in The Wolfpack; Ravi & Geeta Patel’s hilarious rom-com documentary Meet the Patels, about contemporary dating life seen through the eyes of a 1st generation Indian-American; Leah Wolchok’s incisive and comic look at the New Yorker cartoonists in Very Semi-Serious; and Maite Alberdi’s Tea Time, an intimate portrait of five elderly Chilean women and their fascinating monthly tea gatherings discussing friendship, politics and love.

The TFI Documentary Fund supports films that paint a dynamic portrait of compelling individuals and untold stories.

By playfully engaging in these unexplored perspectives, the TFI Documentary Fund seeks to spotlight the journey of the individual.

Here’s some ways you can present a better picture of yourself when approaching them.

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