Color tape dating chart for osha

Equipment found damaged or defective shall not be used until repaired.The following tests shall be performed on all cord set, receptacles which are not a part of the permanent wiring of the building or structure, and cord-and plug-connected equipment required to be grounded.OSHA requires that employers shall use either ground-fault circuit interrupters or an assured equipment grounding conductor program to protect employees on construction sites.Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters All 120-volt, single-phase 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets on construction sites, which are not part of the permanent wiring of the building or structure and which are in use by employees, shall have approved ground-fault circuit interrupters for personnel protection.Please refer to the Regulations for the full text and interpretation of the Regulations and Standards.Having a consistent color standard for floor marking and understanding the regulations that influence these best practices will help you create and maintain a safer, leaner and more efficient facility.

All required tests shall be performed: The employer shall not make available or permit the use by employees of any equipment which has not met these four requirements.For example, if you are working near sources of electricity, a metal ladder should be rejected since aluminum is an electrical conductor.Your body can complete an electrical circuit between the electrical power source, the ladder, and then to the ground in the event of a live wire contact incident.With the right colors in the right places, you can easily keep workers on the right path and identify equipment, storage areas, hazardous areas, forklift traffic and more.Use as few colors as possible to make it easier for employees to remember the meaning of each color and reduce the number of floor marking products you need.