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Online shops offers: Fragrance 4 items for 24.04 - 70.19 USDNotino DE-AT 4 items for 51.28 - 85.35 EURBRASTY. 10/10 Will always be one of the best smelling fragrances ever made, I seem to be lucky to have very good skin for fragrances and the cacao and iris really shows up after a couple of hours leaving an addictive not too sweet soft chocolate scent! I think honey would take this scent to the next level.... I don't know why but this one conjures a goth type of vibe, like punk rock and Halloween.DE 2 items for 59.00 - 77.80 EURStrawberry EUR 4 items for 59.50 - 109.00 2 items for 62.55 - 62.55 GBPView products... to me, this is the best out of all the versions between, intense, eau, sport and parfum. Living in New York I feel as if I've smelled this many times while walking around the city as well.There's a woodiness that resides at the central core of Dior Homme, probably coming from a tangle of the patchouli and vetiver notes. It's no tee-shirt scent, but it's a great sweater or comfortable sportscoat and loafers scent.You can't smell them in a sense that lets you clearly define either note, but they're blended into the base in a way that provides a backbone for the creamy, powdery florals. But if you think it might be, and you're having a hard time meshing with it... I'd call this business or casual formal because it's a perfect work, date, or museum scent.Pourquoi les marques doivent obligatoirement rendre leurs bons parfums moins bons ? For some people, you'll find that it's better to start on the heavier side of the Homme line, perhaps sampling the original and opting for DHI or DHP as what suits you best. Bang: another perfume: no iris, no smoothness, just a cold, numb, linear..water, with no appeal! But what makes this beautiful is that, its sweet and warm but without being too heavy or cloying. I love to wear it myself just as much as I would love to smell it on a man, and my fiancé compliments me every time I wear it. If I were to use it casually, I use this with a shirt and chinos.I've worn this a ton, and only received 1 compliment ever. Much like the review below mine, I simply don't wear this for compliments. I've bent the scent to a bit more masculine direction; I PROVIDE the masculinity. But before I strayed in the wrong direction and went towards DHP, I decided to believe the feedback that the original had garnered. I think it wasn't until later that people began to consider the other direction, that DHE can certainly be a year-round signature fragrance for the right people. Given that this is such a great/well know fragrance, it's really weird and disappointing that this can be so hard to find in the major retailers, yet something as "meh" as Sauvage is everywhere.... He left for the day, it was a hot day too here in Los Angeles, and he came back 9 hours later. Giving the fact that, clearly, they reformulated my love, can somebody suggest me a similar one, because I think Dior Homme Intense is too sweet and dense for me? One day i ordered DHI and very excited to unwrap the box when it came. It smells like it has elements of Shalimar, but is much more low-key and wearable on a daily basis. Finally I found a bottle of DH in my city (It is funny I found it in the less expected store). This is not a t-shirt and flip-flops kind of a scent.In all, this is well suited for when Terre D'Hermes is too barbaric. I recently purchased a 5oz bottle and I immediately noticed how Watery the juice is now?!? since then i dreamt of owning it, took 2 years before i finally got it the only perfume i ever bought best fukin perfume ever wooden floors and leather-bound chairs 1000% fuccboi free no masculine toxins real shit i will wear it to the end of my days.

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It smells incredible when opening up with a nice citrus splash that's gone by the drydown, and equally incredible when it's settled into its moderate-projection groove when that cocoa-balsamic-leather accord really goes to work.In my opinion, Dior Homme is one of those kind of fragrances that don't leave people indifferent. There's also an accord that reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. I have LIDGE and really like it but I feel that this one is actually superior to LIDGE. I would really say, and not to follow the hype and really only give my true opinion, that this is a true masterpiece. I feel as if this fills the same niche as La Nuit de L'homme and D&G The One, and I prefer this one over those.It's been a while, but those lavender top notes, the buttery iris and cacao and leather in this scent smell perfect to my nose. I love anything smelling even remotely lipstick-like, and I did get that makeup vibe when I smelled it on paper, but it was a little more spicy than I'd like. I think Armani Code Profumo might have it beat, but I haven't done a performance test yet that'll be my next review since I received that today as well.... Dior homme is one of the classiest fragrances I have ever smelled. I would wear this on formal ocassions or on a date. Scent - 10/10 Performance - 7/10 Presentation - 10/10 My favorite from the Dior Homme line.This is such a classy, sexy scent for cool weather. I am signing it right now and right here: hands down, the best male's perfume, the iris is absolutely phenomenal. Fast forward a few months, and I smelled it on a guy and WOW! It was a VERY attractive masculine perfume but not the regular sport-citrus type. I don't know how to explain this, but it feels like something a sophisticated 40 man would wear. Glad that I didn't let the reviews about the lipstick make-up bag smell persuade my decision about not buying it.... Dominating notes are Iris, Lavender, Vetiver and Cocoa. I tested this after sampling the intense version, and this one is certainly the lighter one.