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She has a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and is close to completing her Master's in Creative Writing.She, her husband Wayne, sons Nicholas and Caleb, cats Nation and Alaska reside in the St. *The images in this specific piece are granted copyright privilege by: Public Domain, CCSAL, GNU Free Documentation Licenses, Fair Use Under The United States Copyright Law, or given copyright privilege by the copyright holder which is identified beneath the individual photo.“This image (by Dorothy Gillespie) then had a life of its own and became the first downtown mural painted in Roanoke, Virginia.

I had read “Second Sex” written in 1949 by Simone de Beauvoir, giving a detailed analysis of women's oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism. Beauvoir’s made a profound impact on me, and helped me formulate my personal philosophy on feminism.

While modeling, I met Carl Shiraski, a professional photographer who became a close friend and encouraged me to continue learning the profession.

Modeling gave me a great opportunity to see photographers in action, and I began seriously studying the art from a modeling perspective.

In fact, during a contest in 1946 to name a growing small town in southwest Texas, my father submitted the name “Tigua” in honor of the tribe.

The name won; and the tribe got Federal recognition, which led to financial relief, helping them rebuild their community.