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All of my customers have both my cell phone number and email and I encourage them to use them if they have any questions and concerns.

In most cases I am on the job site the entire time working with my employees.

In 1950, when the talented Bradford High School football player Alan Ameche would routinely take a run around the sand dunes on Kenosha’s south lakeshore, he would often make a stop on the way home at his favorite drive-in, the Dairy Dream, located on the southwest corner of 75th Street and Sheridan Road, and order a milkshake.

The Dairy Dream opened its doors in 1949, but it didn’t keep the name for long. Germain changed it to the moniker older Kenoshans remember today: The Ranch.

Mark began washing dishes at the North Ranch when he was 10 years old, and his duties soon expanded to cleaning the oven and making the lemonade and root beer.

Once the work is complete we repair any damage caused to grass areas caused by us or our equipment as a natural course of our work.

“We had our share of streakers out in the parking lot in the 1970s, too” Mark recalled, laughing.

The Ranches, north and south, were part of Americana culture in the Midwest after World War II that included a number of Kenosha restaurants and drive-ins such as the Spot, Big Star, Chat-N-Chew, Dutch Maid and the Frostop, to name a few.

A number of marriages resulted from romances between co-workers at the two Ranch locations.

Mark had met his future wife Lori Stakus, a waitress at the North Ranch, while working for his dad during a summer home from college, but they hadn’t dated.