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These higher fuel loads run just a little hot for a noontime pause between the regular hustle of an ordinary day.

So, with ever-advancing hopping practices comes the opportunity to come full circle as it were; make beers with all the hop aroma and flavor looked for in an IPA, but with an accompanying gentler ABV. It is rare that I drink beer for anything beyond the enjoyment of the beer’s flavor in and of itself, so having IPAs available that won’t “knock me for a loop” is welcomed.

And, for the most part, I’ve found the ones I’ve tried on par with their big brothers.

Don’t get me wrong I still reach for the big complex depths of a double IPA every so often, but a hoppy thirst quencher can sure hit the spot.

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The malt gives a slight impression of bread and crackers, but it’s the hops that do the heavy lifting.Here's their decoder ring: But this won't work for all packaging codes, like, for example, Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas. Beer with no freshness dating except a packaging code leaves you with few options; you can weigh how fast that beer moves at that retailer and how close the brewery is to where you're buying it and extrapolate a guesstimate of freshness, but the better option to to buy something you know is fresh," says Mc Donnell.The good news is that breweries care about freshness -- listen to El Segundo's Thomas Kelley tell us about the different ways he works with distributors and shops to ensure freshness, for example -- and are moving towards the kind of distribution of freshness information that should combat this problem.Starting with a bright, cleanness at the front and building a citrusy bitterness through to the back.The onion and pine are also readily noticeable, lending complexity.