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The Commanding Officer or CO is the ‘boss’ of the squadron.In the yard of the Tiger squadron there is a F-104 Starfighter wingtank with all the names of the 31 Co’s, dating back from 1951 til present CO.In order to maintain it’s operational capabilities, the squadron must constantly manage it’s personnel in an efficient way.

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Other than that, the squadron is known for its traditions and the fact it's often still referred to as a Fighter Bomber squadron is a nice example of this.Fighters can also be "on call" to lend support to friendly ground troops having problems in the field.31 squadron is part of NATO's High Readiness Forces and is permanently ready to fulfill these tasks in order to protect Belgian national airspace and territory, to support its NATO allies and to perform Peace Support missions under a United Nations mandate.The FX-11 exploded and Major Theeuwen unfortunelately died in the crash.As for the FX 52, it had a damaged wing and a bored tank...